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Zygoma Clinical Residency- High Skilled Cases

19-07-2019 | Lisbon, Portugal | English spoken

Designed for smaller groups, this observation program will allow you to follow in detail the daily work and surgical schedule of MALO CLINIC Clinical team with a key focus on high skilled cases as well as the combination of...

Status: available

CADAVER COURSE - ALL-ON-4® SURGICAL PROTOCOL - From Standard to Zygoma Cases

25-07-2019 | Lisbon, Portugal | English spoken

MALO CLINIC Education has created a course focused on all the All-on-4® surgical protocol approaches Dr. Armando Lopes and Dr. Ana Ferro will lead a 3-day course that will give the participant an overview of the treatment from start to finish using the MALO CLINIC Protocol and considers hands-on on Cadavers.

Status: available

All-on-4® Surgical Protocol & Immediate Function Course MALO CLINIC Rehabilitation Protocol for Edentulism

06-09-2019 | Lisbon, Portugal | English spoken

The purpose of the course on All-on-4® Surgical Protocol and Immediate Function is to allow dentists to propose, with high predictability, immediate esthetical and functional rehabilitation for their total, partially or single edentulous patients.

Status: available