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Zygoma Clinical Residency

17-01-2020 | Lisbon, Portugal | English spoken

During this program not only will you get the chance to follow several different procedures at the operating room including live zygoma surgery, as you will also have the opportunity to discuss the All-on-4® protocol Hybrid and Double-Zygoma approaches with our clinical team.These approaches will also both be covered at a hands-on session.

Status: available

3 Day Clinical Residency

23-01-2020 | Lisbon, Portugal | English spoken

MALO CLINIC Education has created an observation program where the participant follows the daily work and surgical schedule of the MALO CLINIC Clinical Team.Our Clinical Residencies are typically for much smaller groups of participants with a lot more focus on the daily work of the clinic rather than on lectures and pure training programs.

Status: available

5 Day Clinical Residency

18-02-2020 | Lisbon, Portugal | English spoken

Pioneered in the early 90’s, the All-on-4® surgical protocol is an innovative procedure for the rehabilitation of edentulous jaws focusing entirely on the patient and allowing you to offer immediate function and excellent esthetics with a limited number of implants, eliminating the need for time consuming and often debilitating bone graft procedures.

Status: available