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10-09-2019 | Lisbon, Portugal | English spoken

MALO CLINIC Education has created an extensive observation program focused on the All-on-4® surgical protocol also comprising a comprehensive knowledge of the All-on-4® approaches that use extra-maxillary (zygoma) anchored implants for the rehabilitation of extremely atrophic maxillae.

Status: available

ALL-ON-4® SURGICAL PROTOCOL – High Skilled & Zygoma Maxilla Rehabilitation

03-05-2019 | Lisbon, Portugal | English spoken

Designed for surgeons with extensive experience in implant dentistry the course covers the All-on-4® surgical protocol in detail mainly concentrating on high skilled cases as well as the combination of this technique with the use of zygoma implants

Status: available

ALL-ON-4® SURGICAL PROTOCOL – Standard Approach Including High Skilled Rehabilitation

17-05-2019 | Lisbon, Portugal | English spoken

All-on-4 ® is an innovative surgical procedure for the rehabilitation of edentulous jaws focusing entirely on the patient. This course wil give you a comprehensive overview of the All-on-4 Protocol, this course focus specially on how to solve clinical complications...

Status: available